Rules and Regulations

·       Children 14 yrs. old and under may not be left unattended. There is no lifeguard on duty and swimming is at your own risk. Please exercise due caution with your children everywhere, while you are on the resort.

·       No running, diving or horse playing around the pool area. The resort does not allow children and adult to run, dive or horseplay around the swimming pool area. 

·       Parent or guardian responsibility. Parents or guardians are responsible for actions and safety of their children.All children 14 years of age and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please be responsible parent or guardian of your children.

·       Loud music is not allowed between 10 p.m. The volume of the music will have to be lowered. Please be courteous with your neighbors. 

·       Eating is not allowed in the swimming pool area. The resort does not permit eating in the swimming pool area. Please take meals at designated eating areas such as kitchen or picnic tables.

·       Please clean up after yourselves. We try to keep our resort as clean as possible. Kindly do your part by throwing all trash in the designated trash bins, including cigarette butts. Please place the trash in the respective bins. 

·       Right conduct. We reserve the right to evict/eject any guest or group of guest should we find them engaging in fraternity haze initiations or fighting, under the influence of illegal drugs, or too much alcohol drink.

·       Loss or damage. We try to operate a safe environment; the management is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or losses from any cause. Guest will use all facilities included in our package at their own risk. 

·       Firearms or Weapons. Guns of any type may not be discharged on resort property.

·       Property or Equipment. Guest that willfully or negligently deface or destroy property or equipment, of the resort or for any other guest, will be held liable for the full value thereof. 

·       CCTV camera. This establishment is equipped with 24 hours CCTV camera. All movements are detected, viewed on TV monitor and recorded. Violators will be apprehended.



1.     Time. The guest should be aware of their check-in and check-out time. Please give our staff ample time to clean the rooms and surroundings for our next guest who will be checking-in to the resort.

2.     Cancellation. There are no refunds for reservations that are cancelled and for early check-out. However, the guest can re-schedule their reservation in our available dates and time. 

3.     Reservations. For official reservation we required fifty percent (50%) down payment at the time of booking. Reservation is first come, first served. A full payment should be given on the schedule day of reservation.

4.     On call. For on call booking, we tentatively hold the dates for 2 days. After 2 days, with or without confirmation we automatically cancelled the guest names in our calendar list. The dates will be available for other guests that are willing to comply with our policies. 

5.     Payment. Payments for reservation maybe made by cash or thru bank inter-branch deposit. A full payment should be given upon check-in. For bank deposit, please ask for management account information. Please be reminded that validated deposit slip should be presented upon check-in.

6.     Room key. One (1) valid I.D. per room is required as a security deposit for our room key. Please submit any government issued identification card for each room. 

The resort reserves the right to amend or change rules without prior notice for the reservation, safety, control and orderly operation of the resort.

Once again, we hope that you enjoy your stay. We encourage our guest to please be considerate and mindful of the rules and regulations for everyone to enjoy the resort. We would appreciate any comments and suggestions, which you can email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Resort Management

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