About Us

Dear Guest,
I would like to welcome you to Villa Jon-She Private Resort. The word Jon-She comes from the name of the owner Jonar & Shirley. The resort has a total land area of 2,000 square meters and every year we developed each area. It was started to construct in 2009. Now, the resort is almost finished and the guest can really enjoy the place. At first, the resort was composed of gazebo, mini-kitchen and toilet. This was meant for family picnic venue. Eventually, it was developed into a resort. Guests normally are surprised that in a hidden place of Silang, Cavite they will found this big private resort.
We try our best to maintain a very relaxed and at home atmosphere by keeping the resort clean and organized. We have planted new trees, the surroundings are filled with bluegrass, pathways are well detailed for guests to avoid slippery. We try our best to preserve our environment clean and green. One way of maintaining these are by cutting the grass, cleaning the surroundings everyday with or without guests, we change beddings in each booking we have. In fact, most of our guests are professionals like doctors, lawyers, businessman, balik-bayan and other big companies. Most of the comments from our guest are the cleanliness of our place. We have been known by word-of-mouth, guest refer us to their family, friends, relatives and co-workers, because of the ambiance and their unforgettable experience in the resort.
I hope that you would bear with us as we make the necessary adjustments to become a true operational resort and would appreciate guest comments on how we can make you have better experience. We put a great deal of value on guest comments. We believed that “God gave us this resort and our guests are His instruments to teach us what to do”.
I hope that you enjoy your stay at the resort and please don’t hesitate to call on our staff for anything that you may need.

Jonar Encarnacion